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Pantas AI Machine Learning & AI Solutions

Churn Analysis

Predict the likelihood of customers leaving or discontinuing a subscription or service.

Customer Segmentation

Segment your customers based on buying behaviour, interests and other attributes.

Predictive Models

Predict sales, inventory levels or how likely a customer will buy your product.

Sentiment Analysis

Find out what people think of a given product, company or topic.

Natural language Processing (NLP)

Reveal the structure & meaning of speech & text with natural language data.

Computer Vision

Get data insights from your image & video content with object detection.

Embedded AI Solutions

One of our key areas of expertise and uniqueness includes our services in developing production ready models on NVIDIA Jetson, Intel and other edge platforms.

Model Deployment

Model Deployment on platforms including Triton Server, Raspberry Pi and other Intel devices for optimised performance including setting up ensemble configurations for simultaneous deployment.

Extensive experience in cloud and edge technology

We offer complete services in DevOps engineering and deployment on embedded devices. With knowledge of a host of the latest technology frameworks, we provide continuous support in every part of the machine learning pipeline.

Vast Range of AI services tailored to your needs.

We focus on multiple areas of AI including Computer Vision, NLP – offering optimised performance tailored to your needs.

By offering continuous and consistent support, we make sure all our clients’ needs are catered for.