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By placing an order with services, you confirm that you are in agreement with and bound by the buyer knowledge below.


Charges and Fees

1. Full payment is required upon signing quotation/confirmation letter if project is below MYR5,000. If Project above MYR5,001, 50% of upfront payment will be collect as deposit upon signing quotation/confirmation letter and interim payment 30%, final payment 20%.

2. 50% of upfront payment as deposit is non refundable after confirmation.

3. Any extra features request that are not quoted in the quotation will be charged.


Project Delays and Client Liability

1. We deserve the right to shut down your website for any failure in payment after the maximum 1 months duration.


Design Changes and Alterations

1. Any changes of design and alterations should be informed before completion of project. Any mismatch or mistakes that made by the company will be modified as soon as possible without any further charges.

2. Maximum 3 times of amendment is allowed before project completion.

3. Any changes or alterations should be requested within the duration of 2 weeks. We reserve the right to reject any work request after the 2 weeks period.

4. Once design templates/mock-up/layout is confirmed, there will be no more changes.


Scope of Work

1. The services we provide cover the areas of web design, web development and business solutions. If you sign-up for only web design service, then our scope of work is only limited to web design.

2. We will not provide any works outside of web design or business solutions, for example like creating email, setting up email clients, website backup and etc.

3. Proofreading service is not provided, developer will only follow the content and document that are given.

4. Please note that we don’t provide free photo editing/logo editing services.

To understand the differences between support and customization, kindly have a read on this page – Understanding The Differences Between Support and Customization.


Search Engine Optimization

1. In some cases we may include basic On-Page SEO service for free. You will have to provide your targeted keywords (up to maximum 3). However this doesn’t guarantee that your website will rank in any search engine. We are not responsible if your website does not appear in search engine at all if you only sign-up for our web design service.

2. On-Page SEO is a service where we will optimize your website Meta Title and Meta Description with the keywords you provided to us, which will provide a better understanding for search engine robots when they crawl your website. This doesn’t guarantee ranking.

3. There is no guarantee of how fast or what position your website will rank in search engine. We do not practice black hat SEO therefore there will be no guarantee and promises.

4. SEO Friendly simply means that most (not all) of your website URL will be canonical links and not dynamic. This doesn’t include rewriting your content, writing extra content and any other external SEO activities.

5. We will always try out best to help your website to rank but this should be considered as a bonus as long as it is not mentioned in our quotation.



1. Related documents such as company profile, logo, product etc is required and shall be given by you.

2. We are not responsible for any copyright infringement issue if you illegally misused, steal or copy any pictures, photos or content.


After Sales Support

1. We provide 3 months free support for any of our projects.

2. Please do not simply edit the HTML or CSS of the website by your own, we no longer provide free support once any man-made defect occurred.

3. Training session is provided once, extra training session might be charged accordingly.


Browsers Compatibility

1. As designing websites to work for all browsers and versions will be a tedious work and require much extra time, we only warrant the website that we design for you will work in latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox only.

2. Internet Explorer, Safari and any other browsers compatibility is not guaranteed as it tends not to work well with most codes.

3. When we mention “Mobile Friendly”, “Mobile View Ready” or “Responsive Design”, we do not promise that the website will display and compatible with all mobile browsers as there’s simply too many different types of mobile phones and mobile web browsers. Different mobile browsers may react differently in displaying font, layout, pictures, effects or function upon clicks. We will not be able to support every single phone out there.


Subcontracting and Outsourcing

1. We reserve the right to outsource any services as we see fit.



1. You are responsible for complying with all relevant laws, rules and regulations relating to e-commerce. All payments, customers information, products and services should be your full responsibility once we have transfer the website ownership to you (once we have given you the login to your Admin Panel).

2. Any problems and frauds regarding payments should be dealt between you and the specific payment gateway providers.

3. We do not provide our e-commerce service to businesses which engage in illegal products, drugs, gambling or obscene materials. We do not take any responsibility shall you engage in these activities in the future.


Warranty and Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights

1. You are advised to do your own backup, firewall setup, SSL installation and any other security preventive measures on your own. We will not be responsible for any malware, virus or hacking abuse when the ownership is transferred to you.

2. If it’s a mistake caused by user which tamper with the functionality of the content management system, software or web apps, we are not responsible for the recovery.

3. By default, we will add our name and link to services’s website address to the footer of your completed website. Removal of such copyright is strictly prohibited and if client is found removing our copyright statement without our permission, support would be dropped off immediately. Support would not be provided thereafter even the link is place back afterwards.

4. Removal of Pantas AI service’s link and copyright is prohibited, penalty of MYR5,000 will be charged if anyone removed.


Extended Warranty / Support

All plans with a standard yearly renewal fee will receive free support via email.
In the case where you have opted out from our yearly recurring fee, yearly renewal fee or quoted a one-time fee project, you will be given 1-2 months (based on quotation) free priority support. Once this free support period is over, support will no longer be provided for free.

You can then top up for extended warranty or support period, kindly refer more details at this page.



1. All business conducted by our clients are of their own assets, liabilities and rights. We are not in any way involve in the business of our clients. Should any illegal activities or business is found within the website of our clients, services Design is not liable or will not be responsible to bear the punishment or any cost incur. We will take the appropriate action to add, edit or remove the content of our clients’ website should we have receive the warrant or court order to carry out such activity.

2. As all the logins and website ownership is transferred to our client wholly after work is completed, we do not have any ownership or stake in the website. Any complaints or authority body should take action directly against the business itself and not services Design.

3. When you engage with our web design service, you should ensure your business’ products and services are completely legal and should obey all the related laws in your country.